One way dentistry has improved in recent years is the introduction of same day crowns. These crowns have become increasingly popular among patients—and for good reason. Here are just a few of the reasons why CEREC same day crowns are quickly becoming so popular.

Comfort and Precision

When you’re fitted for a traditional crown, a mold of your teeth is generally taken using a messy, unpleasant-tasting putty. Unfortunately, this putty doesn’t always create a perfect or detailed rendering of your mouth, which can cause some issues with the way your crown fits down the road. In contrast, the technology used to create CEREC same day crowns uses a laser scanner to create a 3D digital model of your teeth. Not only is this considerably more comfortable for you, but it’s also easier for Dr. Alhadef and produces a much more accurate picture of your teeth, resulting in a crown that fits better.

This cutting-edge technology also allows Dr. Alhadef to check how the crown will interact with the teeth next to it, examine your bite, and more. He is able to ensure that your crown maintains proper contact with the neighboring teeth without putting too much pressure on them. If he feels that something isn’t quite right, he can make adjustments to the crown, such as increasing or decreasing the thickness of the material in specific areas. It is also during this stage that Dr. Alhadef adjusts the color of your crown, ensuring that it will match your existing teeth. In contrast, if traditional crowns don’t fit correctly, they need to be sent back to the lab where they were milled in order to be adjusted. Dentists can’t tell how they’ll fit until they try to place them, and you may end up having to delay getting your crown so it can be fixed.


As the name implies, same day crowns are milled and placed in your mouth during a single visit. Dr. Alhadef takes a laser scan of your teeth, sets the specifications for your crown using the digital model, and presses a button that starts the milling process immediately—right in the office! The entire process takes less than an hour. Once the crown is milled, it goes on like any other crown. This single visit not only saves you time and prevents you from having to miss more school or work, but it means you only need to go through the discomfort of a numb mouth once.

In contrast, traditional crowns take an average of two visits to place, although it can sometimes take longer. The first visit is dedicated to prep work; a cast of your mouth is taken in order to make the crown, and your tooth is filed down. You’ll also receive a temporary crown to protect the filed-down tooth until the permanent one is milled. The second visit involves removing the temporary crown and placing the permanent one.


Despite the use of new technology, same day crowns actually cost you less than traditional crowns. The cost of a CEREC same day crown itself may cost less simply because there are no fees involved for shipping the crown to and from a milling facility; this cost, however, is sometimes swallowed by the dental office itself, so this can vary. Even if the cost of the crowns themselves is the same, you still pay less for a same day crown. Getting your crown in a single visit spares you the cost of a temporary crown, meaning you only need to pay a copay for a single appointment.


Same day crowns are milled from the same porcelain materials as traditional crowns, making them just as durable. With proper care, traditional and same day crowns can each last up to fifteen years, perhaps a little longer, before they need to be replaced. This care looks the same for both types of crown: daily flossing, mouthwash, brushing your teeth twice a day, and visiting your dentist for a cleaning every six months. For many patients, this is simply the icing on the cake and the final reason that makes same day crowns worth it. Same day crowns don’t sacrifice quality for speed, efficiency, or comfort; they manage to achieve all of these things while costing less and lasting just as long as traditional crowns.

With the help of technology, all kinds of industries are changing and improving for the better. Dentistry is just one of many medical fields that is benefitting from recent technological advances. CEREC same day crowns are just one of many innovations that are helping to make dental care more comfortable, accessible, and convenient for dentists and patients alike.

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