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Every day people suffer through chronic pain caused by dysfunction in the human body. Sometimes, we’re so focused on treating the pain itself that we don’t address the root cause – the dysfunction. Research has shown that the form and function of your bite and jaw can have an enormous effect on your body’s function as a whole.

Neuromuscular dentistry refers to a dental approach that focuses more on the muscles and nerves of the face and jaw instead of on your teeth. By paying close attention to the way your muscles and nerves affect your jaw function, Dallas dentist Dr. Gary Alhadef can help alleviate the many painful effects of having a misaligned jaw. Neuromuscular dentistry strives to place the jaw in its optimal position, relieving the symptoms associated with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD). When the temporomandibular joint (or TMJ) is not properly aligned, a number of symptoms may appear, including:

  • Headaches
  • Jaw pain
  • Facial pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Neck pain
  • Clicking or popping sound in the jaw
  • Tight jaw muscles
  • Ringing or stuffiness in the ears

If you have some combination of these ( TMJ – TMD ) symptoms and have found no relief at your dentists office, you may be suffering from TMD or TMJ. Millions of Americans – as many as 25% to 30% – suffer from this debilitating condition, and many don’t even realize it.

Do you experience pain in your head, shoulders, or neck area? If so, there’s a chance this pain could be related to the muscles in your jaw. You may suffer from headaches, a popping jaw when you open or close your mouth, and pain in your jaw joints and muscles. The problem may be a result of trauma, of complications with your bite, of grinding or clenching your teeth, or of a combination of these factors. While many people have suffered with this condition, the good news is that Dallas dentist Dr. Alhadef can help.

How will a Dallas dentist determine if TMD - TMJ is causing a patient's pain symptoms?

Neuromuscular dentists use leading-edge technology to evaluate symptoms and decide if TMD TMJ is their cause. Computerized jaw-tracking instruments are used to record jaw movement, resting state, and closure path. Electromyography measures the jaw’s muscle function in tense and relaxed states and also measures the jaw-to-skull relationship, checking for any structural imbalance. Sonography records jaw joint sounds and picks up any abnormalities. Finally, jaw x-rays help determine the condition and location of the joint.

If you are concerned that TMD TMJ may be causing your pain symptoms, don’t suffer any longer. Receive a thorough TMJ Treatment evaluation from TMJ Dentist, Dr. Alhadef, a neuromuscular dentist located in Dallas, Texas. Dallas dentist Dr. Alhadef offers an array of testing procedures to help pinpoint the source of your pain and work to eliminate it. Please call 1-214-368-2434 to schedule an appointment today in Dallas Texas.

When these muscles are in a relaxed, comfortable position, joints and teeth work together harmoniously. But if these muscles are out of alignment due to a host of possible problems, including chipped or loose teeth, TMJ TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), myofacial pain, severe headaches, and potentially, pain in other regions of the body, can occur.

How will a dentist address a maligned bite?

First, a Dallas dental professional determines the jaw’s optimal positioning by taking measurements of the jaw when the head and neck muscles are completely relaxed and then working with the jaw to reposition it to achieve these exact measurements.

A poorly aligned bite is typically not that difficult to correct. Varied treatments include bite adjustments, orthodontics and orthotics. Treat TMJ TMD today.

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Only a highly-trained, neuromuscular Dallas TMJ dentist, Dr. Alhadef, can evaluate your symptoms, provide a thorough examination, determine the optimal position for your jaw, and tell you whether or not you suffer from TMD or TMJ.
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