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Giving you something to smile about At Dallas Cosmetic Dentistry, we take pride in our talent to provide the best oral healthcare, while also delivering deluxe dental services to our patients. An important element of our work is being attentive to medical...

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Myths About Teeth Whitening

The Perfect Smile Who is your style icon? Most people can rattle off the names of a few celebrities who’s “look” they like, and try to emulate. From clothes, to makeup and hair, people use celebrities as their model for what is “attractive”. However, few people ever...

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Oral Cancer Awareness Month It may shock you to learn that Oral Cancer is the 11th most common form of cancer world-wide. Affecting men, women, and even children – this disease is a terrible burden for everyone it touches. While individual cases of oral cancer are...

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Why Is Flossing So Important Anyway? | Dallas Dentist

We all know we’re supposed to floss daily but let’s be honest – most of us don’t. Brushing is cleaning our teeth, so that should be enough is generally the notion felt by most. Flossing just seems like a step that feels unnecessary. That is until our dental checkups...

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It’s More than Having Minty Fresh Breath | Dallas Dentist

We may not be the most diligent with our dental hygiene practices, but there is one thing we can be sure of – we all love that fresh feeling you get after rinsing with mouthwash. Fresh breath is great, but did you know your mouthwash is doing more than just giving...

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Seal It wish a Kiss | Dallas Dentist

If there’s ever a time we should talk about mouthwash, making it during the month of February should be a given. After all, this is the month of lovers and having kissable breath is definitely a must-have. Not only for our partners, but that ultra-fresh feeling you...

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