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5 Ways to Know You Have a Good Cosmetic Dentist

How to Choose a Good Cosmetic Dentist You wouldn’t go to just anyone for open heart surgery or to have a facelift, would you? Heck, you even look online for referrals when you need somebody to work on your car or PC. But do you take the same care in finding a cosmetic...

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10 Weird and Wacky Dental Facts

Weird Dental Facts for Odd Fact-lovers Did you wake up this morning thinking about teeth? Maybe you jumped out of bed, stretched, and proceed to the coffee pot with a little skip in your step just imagining the opportunity to spend the day in a dental office. Does the...

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What’s All This About the Mouth Body Connection?

The Mouth and Body and Its Connection “There is no greater asset to a policeman than a good, sound, clean set of teeth” touts the booklet, “Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body” dispersed to New York City police officers in 1922. The booklet was a part of NYC police...

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Dr. Alhadef: Why I Practice Dentistry

My story starts with a love for repairing. When I was young, I was always inquisitive about how things worked. I would take things apart—from stereos to electric can openers to the air conditioner. The trick was getting them back together again. It was gratifying to...

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10 Top Locally Owned Businesses in Dallas

Dallas, Texas Dallas is a big city known for its innovation and creativity.  Many of those creations and innovations—such as children’s show Barney & Friends, our favorite corrective fluid Liquid Paper, 7-Eleven, Lasertag, and German Chocolate Cake (named after...

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4 Things That Are Different About Dallas Cosmetic Dental

Kindness, Caring, and Cosmetic Dentistry Here at Dallas Cosmetic Dental, we are your one-stop-shop for modern dentistry with old-fashioned caring. Our team is kind, knowledgeable, and talented. With around 58 percent of the population suffering from some form of...

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