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Gary Alhadef DDS

Snoring Appliance

Oral snoring (or anti-snoring) appliances are corrective devices worn over the teeth during sleep to eliminate or curb snoring. Snoring occurs due to partial airway blockage caused by the collapse of the soft throat tissue. When air passes through this partially blocked passage, the surrounding tissue vibrates, causing the snoring sound. Oral snoring appliances are also called mouthpiece devices.

How Does a Snoring Appliance Work?

A snoring appliance performs the following three basic functions:

Types of Snoring Appliances

Medical professionals worldwide have designed a wide range of snoring appliances, utilized by millions to overcome their snoring. Some popular types of snoring appliances are:

Advantages of Oral Snoring Appliances

Prior to the invention of oral snoring appliances, medical practitioners used the continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) system to curb snoring in patients. This device looks like an oxygen mask and was highly successful in curbing snoring. However, the bulky physical attachments of these systems made them inconvenient to handle and use. Also, the advanced CPAP systems are quite expensive for an average earning individual. Thus, oral snoring appliances are an improvement over CPAP in terms of their low cost and hidden placement. Other advantages of oral snoring appliances include:

The use of oral snoring appliances may be associated with certain side effects, such as increased salivation during the night and general discomfort. However, the advantages of oral snoring appliances far outweigh their disadvantages. For maximum effectiveness, patients must obtain their oral snoring appliance from an established dental practitioner. Dr. Gary Alhadef is a cosmetic dentist with orthodontic training and with wide experience in providing snoring relief for patients.