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Gary Alhadef DDS


For most people, the thought of orthodontics brings to mind time-consuming, expensive, and unattractive appliances like metal braces and even headgear. With instant orthodontics at Dr. Alhadef's cosmetic dentistry studio, that is no longer the case!

Instant orthodontics can provide you with the same results that traditional, metal braces would provide but in a significantly shorter amount of time and without the use of awkward appliances. In just a few weeks, you can have beautiful, straight, white teeth!

Instant orthodontics is extremely thin, ceramic pieces of porcelain, called veneers, which are bonded over the front sides of your teeth. Not only are instant orthodontics incredibly natural looking, but also they can be made to perfectly match the color of the rest of your teeth, or in a whiter shade, giving you an even more dazzling smile!

Instant orthodontics are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, and they are just as durable and stain resistant as your natural teeth. When placed by an experienced cosmetic dentist like Dr. Alhadef, there is really no downside to instant orthodontics.

Receiving instant orthodontics typically involves about four office visits over the course of a month. The first appointment is an initial consultation with Dr. Alhadef where he will determine if instant orthodontics are right for you. During this appointment, he will describe the procedure and will give you a timeline of the other visits in order to determine when your new smile will be complete.

During your second visit, your teeth will be shaped to accommodate the instant orthodontics, and a mold will be taken of your teeth so that the instant orthodontics can be custom created just for you. The mold of your teeth will be sent to a master technician, and after about two weeks, your veneers will be returned to Dr. Alhadef's studio.

After your personalized instant orthodontics have arrived, you will return to Dr. Alhadef’s office so that they can be bonded to your teeth. The final appointment takes place a few weeks after you receive your instant orthodontics in order to make sure they have properly bonded to your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions on Instant Orthodontics

Instant Orthodontics Process

In just a few short weeks, you will have a straight, white, even, natural-looking smile without years of headgear or braces! Contact Dr. Alhadef today to schedule your initial instant orthodontics consultation.